Need software design and development help?

A tight-knit team of developers creating awesome code for our clients.

Where Heart Skills Intersect

Attack Pattern is a team of senior developers transforming ideas into world-class digital experiences for our clients. We pride ourselves on being a place developers want to work, and when you hire the best people and put them in a collaborative environment, innovation happens.

By providing our team with interesting challenges, amazing colleagues, and opportunities for personal growth we’ve created an environment that delights our employees and amazes our clients. We are what you are looking for - a senior team that can work with you from start to finish.

What Makes Us Unique

Years of experience delivering world-class products where high performance is the expectation, not the goal.

Direct communication with the engineers and direct access to management. No back and forth through project or account managers and no bill for them either.

Every engineer located within the USA. No language or cultural barriers and no crazy time zones.

Yep, that’s right. We’re just straight up nice people. Developers your mom would want you to work with.

Our services

Software Development

From Windows to Java to iOS to Android, our team delivers stunning and intuitive digital experiences by perfectly tailoring full-stack solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Drop-in Scrum Team

We can bolster your throughput by plugging our agile scrum teams into your existing development process, augmenting your current team with our staff while helping to instill best practices, or by delivering a finished product to your specifications, requirements, or even just your designs.

Work Bench

Work Bench offers development, design, content, and project management support on a fixed-fee or hourly basis. Work Bench delivers top quality work at prices competitive with off shore options using a very flexible operating model and a US based team. We are there when you need us.