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Explore, search, and stream content from TED in a beautiful interface that highlights many of the capabilities of Windows 8.

The Setup

Microsoft was launching a new mobile platform and needed to convince industry players that the platform was credible. Ten months prior to Windows 8 launch, Microsoft came to Attack Pattern and asked us to provide concept apps that would highlight design elements and Windows 8 features.

Watching a talk

The Solution

Attack Pattern initially reverse engineed the TED API on iOS to create a prototype app that highlighted the various features in an early version of Windows 8, including Play To, share charm and snap view.

Home screen
Talk screen


A beautifully designed, streaming video app, showcasing the amazing speakers of TED. An effective, minimal design that perfectly complements the Windows 8 modern app look.

Master storytellers
List of talks
Talks page close up


  • Device charm support for PlayTo video playback to DLNA capable devices
  • Search charm support via in-memory index
  • Support for multiple screen sizes
  • Navigation through talks, authors, tags and themes with sorting

“The core structure of the app is great and fits nicely within the spirit of what we hope to provide for Windows 8 users. Bravo! ”

Thaniya Keereepart

Product Development Director, TED

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