Bluetooth Simulator

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Bluetooth development just got easier; this simulator lets you start writing software without waiting for custom hardware or developer kits.

The Setup

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has over 18,000 developers and was looking for ways to make development for Bluetooth 4.0 easier. Bluetooth approached us based on our device companion expertise and we came up with the idea for the simulator to reduce the barrier to entry for developing Bluetooth-enabled applications.

The Solution

The solution turns any iPhone 4S, 5 or iPad 3 into a multi-device Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) simulator. The app allows developers to simulate five different Bluetooth devices without having to purchase or manufacture the hardware. Four Bluetooth sensors with existing profiles are simulated - time, heart rate, blood pressure and health thermometer - as well as a custom battery level simulation are included.


Developers writing applications on a variety of platforms can now take advantage of their existing iPhone or iPad to reduce the time, cost and effort in getting started on their Bluetooth LE enabled applications.


  • Simulates four common BLE devices
  • Custom device implementation
  • Works on any iPhone 4S, 5 or iPad 3
  • No additional hardware or tools required
  • Open source Apache 2 licensed

“Attack Pattern's Bluetooth Simulator creates an environment where developers can really experiment with Bluetooth Smart technologies. Their skill sets were instrumental in creating this very cool tool, and they were great to work with!”

Steve Hegenderfer

Director, Developer Programs - Bluetooth Special Interest Group

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